Rina P.

Nov30th 2020

I started my journey with BioSport Physical Therapy approximately 6 weeks ago, after I was hospitalized with COVID, during which time I was ventilated for over a week.  I had lost my muscle strength which made it very hard for me to walk, sit or stand for more than a few minutes.  My therapist has worked one on one with me to help gain muscle activity where today I am able to drive, walk (about a mile), sit and stand, doing things that I took for granted before my illness.  The staff at BioSport always encourage me to do my best, they are very knowledgeable in their work field, respectful and accommodating to your needs.  You can stop anyone and ask a question, they will either answer it for you or get someone who has the answer.  I have been to a lot of physical therapy places in the past however BioSport is hands-down THE BEST!