Patient Testimonials

  • When I first came to BioSport I was really impressed and satisfied by their crew and equipment for rehabilitation. Most importantly, I was impressed by the attention and treatment that the staff gave me including the therapists, aides, and front desk. As of today, I feel that I am a lot stronger in both my back and knee.

    Guillermo V.

  • Thank You Leo and all the other very friendly people at BioSport. Besides building up our bodies, we have a great, joyful time together. It’s always a great time with Leo and at BioSport.

    Donald S.

  • A big thank you to the staff at BioSport for getting me up and walking.. Great atmosphere, friendly staff. Thank you all!

    Rick T.

  • I highly recommend them, very friendly staff and they have newer equipment then most places.

    Lisa M.

  • Biosports is the best place for physical therapy in modesto. I have been to other places in modesto and biosports offers one on one treatment. Leo is amazing and his knowledge and experience has given me a pain free life. Thank you to the entire staff at biosports.

    Cindy B.

  • Very friendly and helpful staff. The friendly therapists have their patients best interest at hand. The staff works well together and help each other out, so no patient is sitting idle. Staff is very easy to talk to about your treatment plan.

    Regina G.

  • They have a friendly, professional staff whose focus is in making you better. They’re very easy to work with and they treat you like a real person. I was extremely satisfied with my whole experience and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

    Frank S.

  • First visit today. Everyone, from Irene at the front desk to Leo the Physical Terrorist, were fantastic and helpful! Leo did so much more in the exam to isolate the issues. Now I have a lot of hope for a better recovery!

    Joshua T.

  • BioSport Staff, Just wanted to say thank you for all your help during my treatment at your facility. Your catering to my needs finely made a change in my condition and can’t say thank you enough. I am doing great! By the way, my husband and I are having little BOY!! Thanks Again..”


    A. Solano

  • BioSport Physical Therapy was a great experience for me.  The staff was very friendly, helpful and provided a very comfortable environment.  My primary physical therapist, Leo, and his staff were very perceptive and knowledgeable not only in their assessment and treatment of my condition but also provided me with a clear understanding of how I should focus my lifestyle to stay healthy in the long run.  Best of all they were able to completely eliminate my pain where originally I thought I would need surgery.  I am very grateful to Leo and his stall for getting me pain free and back to normal.  John D.

    I mean everything I wrote.  I hope I won’t need to see you guys again.

    Best of luck,  John



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