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  • I injured my right shoulder getting ready for Track and Field, because of the injury to my AC joint I was unable to perform basic functions like taking notes in class. I couldn’t get dressed or perform chores at home without pain. Dr. Alex Stavrianoudakis worked with me for several weeks and now I’m pain free and can do everything I could do before the injury. The staff here is extremely knowledgeable and incredibly friendly. I am grateful for everything Alex and his staff has done for me! Thank you!

    Andrew K.

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    Best experience ever! I came in with a walker and a knee brace and I couldn’t walk without pain or fear of dislocation of my knee. After only a few sessions of therapy I was able to walk again without any assistive device and I was able to walk without pain at my knee. I had a normal walking pattern again. I felt like I was going from zero to hero! Thank you to Alex and the staff at BioSport!

    Kevin Y.

  • Well what can I say, Thanks to the BioSport team for helping me. I can run again and I feel much better. Thank you!

    Jaime C.

  • I am a wife, a mother of 4, and an athlete. I compete in NPC/IFBB Body Building and training to become a Pilates Master. I came to BioSport for recovery and mobility to complement my current training. Dr. Alex has improved my aching muscles, kept me injury free during my training, and made my body supple and ready to lift more! Thank you to the whole BioSport staff for helping my body feel its best!

    Katie Z.

  • After visiting the E.R. in February because of severe muscle spasms in my right shoulder, my doctor sent me to BioSport for physical therapy. I finished my therapy with Alex and Roman mid-April with much better mobility and that severe pain is gone. I’m very happy with them and recommend them for anyone experiencing pain. The girls at the front desk are very friendly and helpful. Thank you Dr. Alex for helping me recover! God bless you all!

    Tabita B.

  • lumbar support modesto ca

    The personnel are excellent!!! I had pain from a work injury and my visits would be much more pleasant if I had no pain. I got hurt at work and even though I still had some pain with movements above my head I am able to do more and have less pain than when I started. I want to say a big thank you to my therapist, Alex, and the BioSport staff!

    David I.

  • I was diagnosed with sciatica and had an MRI and epidural, but nothing was working for my pain. I came to a low back pain workshop at BioSport and said, “what the heck, I’ll give it a try.” I came and met Alex and everything started to change. I used to take medicine for my pain and I haven’t taken a pill since my first visit. I can now walk my dog and complete all my daily activities without pain. I shot one of my best games of golf after the second visit. Thank you Alex, and BioSport!

    Martha J.

  • On January 12th I went under the knife to have my left ACL replaced and to fix multiple tears of my meniscus. Following surgery, I was told by my doctor to start physical therapy as soon as I could. I was given a list with many different physical therapy locations. After reading reviews online I decided to call BioSport, based of the feed backs I was seeing. This turned out to be the best decision for me. From the front office to the physical therapists, BioSport exceeded my expectations. The physical therapist I was, Both Jason and Alex, both went above and beyond to make sure I was given the best odds for a speedy recovery. A combination of workouts in the weight room followed by ice therapy have allowed me to regain full range of motion in my leg. My leg continues to feel stronger every day and I look forward to getting back to the activates I enjoy with the help and encouragement of the BioSport staff. I will highly recommend this place to anyone. You can’t beat the friendly ness of the people of BioSport. They truly love their job and work hard every day to see their client succeed. Thank you BioSport staff!

    Daniel I.

  • lumbar therapy modesto ca

    This is my second time here at BioSport for my lower back. The first time was before my spinal fusion L3, L4. I was barely able to walk. After each visit I felt extreme relief until I got into the Car. Leo helped me get an MRI so I was able to have the surgery I needed quicker.

    After surgery I am back now. It was a struggle at first but 3 ½ months later I am almost pain free and when I’m not, BioSport will help me out with recommended exercises and stretches to help me do at home. I would highly recommend BioSport Physical Therapy. Everyone makes you feel like family. They listen to you, they ask questions, and they are there to help each individual with their specific needs. Thank you BioSport for helping me get my life back.

    P.S.      I just wanted to add, not only is BioSport a physical therapy place, they are mental therapist as well. When you are in pain for an extended amount of time your mental state gets very low as you pain lessens your self-esteem does too.

    Mary G.

  • I had trouble driving and just doing daily functions. After coming to BioSport and seeing Dr. Alex I am doing so good that I can drive and get back to work. I am really pleased with BioSport. Thank you!

    Tony B.

  • I came here for hamstring and knee problems. The last month of coming here has been very helpful. My Pain has gone down a lot thanks to the great staff here. They are very kind and always in a great mood. The treatment I’m receiving has helped me to strengthen and stabilize both my legs. I can now work out without pain or discomfort.

    Mason D.

  • I have been coming to BioSport PT off and on for several years for my back and neck. The last series of visits were for the lower back. Whenever my lower back flares up, I make an appointment with Leo and he never fails to help me by resolving the pain and getting me back to my full activities.

    The staff is the best and always friendly and extremely helpful. My last visit for this series of treatments will be in a few days and I feel all my problems and concerns were fully addressed. I am back to feeling well again. Thanks Leo and staff!

    Charlene B.

  • My activities I have experienced prior to working out was being more cautious and hesitant without aid of a walker. Now, thanks to Jason and the BioSport team I have more muscle control, security, and strength.

    Richard B.

  • My experience with my therapy was wonderful. My arm pain would wake me up most of the night. At this point I can sleep six hours straight without pain. I am more active and see that my future will be better thanks to all the angels that helped me. I am very thankful for everyone; you guys are awesome. Thank you.

    Esther A.

  • I have been to BioSport Physical Therapy three times – two times for work on my shoulder and once for treatment of my SI joints. Every experience was excellent primarily because of the skill and professionalism of Dr. Jason Antonio and the entire BioSport staff. Jason had a unique, caring style that convinced me early on that in order to heal I had to WORK and work hard to strengthen my body. Instead of just relieving pain, I learned that I had to take care of myself and my body, a daily discipline. He was always patient, kind, and attentive. Since I had treatment at BioSport, my presenting complaints have been relieved with virtually no reoccurrences. If you did the work they recommended, it was certain you would see the results.

    The entire staff at BioSport was always courteous, professional and friendly. They were NEVER late or inattentive. They NEVER were abrupt or condescending in their approach to patient care. Over the past few years their approaches never wavered in its reliability. They made the experience pleasant and even something one could look forward to. I would recommend them to anyone!

    Renae F.

  • physical therapy modesto ca

    BEFORE- Pain all the time in lower back and left leg (front, back, side) could not lean over at all. If I did lean over, I couldn’t come up without using my hands and walking them up a chair. Etc… I couldn’t find a position to be comfortable. Couldn’t walk or take normal side steps. To walk, I had to sway back and forth and had a limp. I had no power in my legs or lower back.

    NOW- None of the above is true. I can pick things up off from the floor and stand back up. I still have a slight limp but its habit now. The only time I am in pain is now and then if I turn my foot outward and put my weight on it but the pain passes as quickly as it comes. I can lift heavy objects now. I can climb ladders now. I can go up a few steps and before I couldn’t go up any steps. Before I used a cane at home and really thought I need a wheel chair soon. Now, NOT AT ALL! I have my life back to enjoy lots of activities.

    I love the staff and my PT Jason. They helped me at my lowest to become a person that will enjoy my 60’s

    Kathleen S.

  • I had my first hip replacement September 11, 2017. Having worked with BioSport prior, for lower back issues, I knew right where I wanted to go. I started my Physical Therapy on September 28, 2017 and could hardly lift my leg on inch off the ground. Jason gave me great exercises to use and with the help of the friendly staff and homework, I could see and feel myself getting stronger. Knowing how well my Physical Therapy was going I did not hesitate to have my second hip replacement on December 18, 2017. With my prior Physical Therapy, I went into my second hip replacement stronger and I am looking forward to getting back to Physical Therapy to get even stronger. Thank you, Jason and all BioSport Staff.

    Diann K.

  • I started PT at BioSport one week after a full knee replacement. I was in a lot of pain and had no mobility in my knee. After 8 weeks of therapy, I feel like a new person. I can now ride my bike and play with my grandkids like before surgery and have achieved my strength and mobility goals.

    I can’t compliment BioSport enough for the uplifting atmosphere and personal interest the therapists take in each patient. Friendly encouragement is the norm, and the therapist are great! They are always with you checking on your form. I really love this place!

    Linda Q.

  • BioSport is a terrific place to experience physical therapy. It was recommended to me by my doctor and insurances as a way to lessen the pain of my torn tendon and tendinitis in my right ankle. I was in so much pain that I could hardly walk, and my ankle was consistently swelling.

    I felt right at home here after about 2 visits. The therapist assigned to me Jason, is extremely knowledgeable. The series of exercises was tailor-made for me, and frequent evaluations helped Jason mark my progress. Everyone who works here is helpful, friendly, and on a fist name basis with all of the clients / patients, not just their own.

    At the end of the 3 months, I am quite improved. While I still have some pain, my legs are stronger, my foot is not swollen all the time, and I don’t need the ice pack every night. I still have good days and some that aren’t so good, but I am improved from where I was for several months.

    I thank all the people who work at BioSport Physical Therapy for their encouragement when the going is tough and for their attention to detail. This was my first experience with physical therapy, and I am very pleased overall with the result.

    Ronna R.

  • physical therapy modesto ca

    With 9 bad discs and constant neck and back pain, I was much relived to join my mother at BioSport PT. In the 2 months I’ve been working with them, I have experienced more strength and function than I’ve felt in over a year. The staff is encouraging and helpful. I went from being in too much pain to being able to finish vacuuming the house and decorating for Christmas without any trouble or recuperation time. This makes all the difference in the difference in my daily life.

    Sarah B.

  • lumbar rehab modesto ca

    Since the first day I came here, I am a new person. I had a lot of pain in my back. My instructor Jason, he is a very nice and sweat person. All the staff is very good. Everyone is so kind and they are helpful at all times. I did the exercises for my back and I even lost a little weight. I am happy, and I am feeling much better than before. I don’t have any pain now. I am good.

    Simarpal R.

  • When I first came to BioSport I was really impressed and satisfied by their crew and equipment for rehabilitation. Most importantly, I was impressed by the attention and treatment that the staff gave me including the therapists, aides, and front desk. As of today, I feel that I am a lot stronger in both my back and knee.

    Guillermo V.

  • Thank You Leo and all the other very friendly people at BioSport. Besides building up our bodies, we have a great, joyful time together. It’s always a great time with Leo and at BioSport.

    Donald S.

  • A big thank you to the staff at BioSport for getting me up and walking.. Great atmosphere, friendly staff. Thank you all!

    Rick T.

  • I highly recommend them, very friendly staff and they have newer equipment then most places.

    Lisa M.

  • Biosports is the best place for physical therapy in modesto. I have been to other places in modesto and biosports offers one on one treatment. Leo is amazing and his knowledge and experience has given me a pain free life. Thank you to the entire staff at biosports.

    Cindy B.

  • Very friendly and helpful staff. The friendly therapists have their patients best interest at hand. The staff works well together and help each other out, so no patient is sitting idle. Staff is very easy to talk to about your treatment plan.

    Regina G.

  • They have a friendly, professional staff whose focus is in making you better. They’re very easy to work with and they treat you like a real person. I was extremely satisfied with my whole experience and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

    Frank S.

  • First visit today. Everyone, from Irene at the front desk to Leo the Physical Terrorist, were fantastic and helpful! Leo did so much more in the exam to isolate the issues. Now I have a lot of hope for a better recovery!

    Joshua T.

  • BioSport Staff, Just wanted to say thank you for all your help during my treatment at your facility. Your catering to my needs finely made a change in my condition and can’t say thank you enough. I am doing great! By the way, my husband and I are having little BOY!! Thanks Again..”


    A. Solano

  • BioSport Physical Therapy was a great experience for me.  The staff was very friendly, helpful and provided a very comfortable environment.  My primary physical therapist, Leo, and his staff were very perceptive and knowledgeable not only in their assessment and treatment of my condition but also provided me with a clear understanding of how I should focus my lifestyle to stay healthy in the long run.  Best of all they were able to completely eliminate my pain where originally I thought I would need surgery.  I am very grateful to Leo and his stall for getting me pain free and back to normal.  John D.

    I mean everything I wrote.  I hope I won’t need to see you guys again.

    Best of luck,  John



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