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Genu Valgum

What is Genu valgum?

Genu valgum is a condition more commonly referred to as a person having “knock knees,” or a misalignment that turns the knees inward to face each other.

According to Healthline “Genu valgum is common in young children and usually corrects itself as they grow. Up to 75 percent of children between ages 3 and 5 have knock-knees. Boston Children’s Hospital reports that in about 99 percent of these cases, genu valgum corrects itself by the time affected children are 7 or 8 years old.”

To learn more about how physical therapy can help combat the effects of genu valgum in children and adults, or correct the condition entirely, contact Biosport Physical Therapy in Modesto for more information.

Causes of Genu valgum

Although it is commonly found in children when they are young, Genu valgum can also be the result of excess weight gain, arthritis in the knees, a lack of calcium and Vitamin D in an adult’s diet, an injury sustained to the knee or leg, or an infection.

Unfortunately this kind of condition usually can’t be prevented, but the effects it has on a person’s daily life can certainly be lessened with the help of a licensed and attentive physical therapist at Biosport Physical Therapy in (town.)

How can physical therapy help genu valgum?

The symptoms of this condition can vary from person to person, but it’s often reported that individuals with knock knees walk with a limp, and experience stiffness and pain in their knees and joints.

In most cases, this condition can be diagnosed from visual observation alone, however, a physical therapist can do a thorough assessment of a person’s gait and balance, and prescribe a series of stretches and exercises that have the potential to straighten out the issue causing the inward turning of the knees.

At your first appointment in our Modesto clinic, your  therapist will measure the length of your lengths, determine the angle of your knee alignment in order to best figure out how to mitigate the effects genu valgum has on your everyday life.

Treatment depends on the severity of your symptoms as well. Your therapist may recommend weight loss, custom orthotics, exercise, or assistive technology to help you make further progress.

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In many cases, if a child is diagnosed with genu valgum, the issue resolves itself by the time they’re 8 years old, however, if you believe you have this condition, your treatment plan may be a bit different as adults with knock knees are at a higher risk for developing arthritis.

Contact Biosport Physical Therapy in Modesto today to learn more about how our skilled physical therapists are equipped to handle genu valgum in adults and children. We promise to treat all of our patients with the utmost care, respect, and compassion possible, no matter what the outlook of their condition may be.