Kathy B.

Nov30th 2020

I have done physical therapy at different facilities and was referred to BioSport Physical Therapy by my daughter.  The quality of physical therapy , the one-on-one approach and the variety of methods utilized in my therapy is by far the best I have encountered.  The staff is amazing from the front office to the aides to the physical therapists.  They know their patients by name and I have never had to wait in the front office.  I work primarily with Brittanie and Dr. Koree sometimes.  Brittanie recognizes my pain and adjusts my massage, stretching and exercises as needed, but never stops challenging me to reach farther,   Dr. Koree loves to mix it up with exercises for me and to try more!  The variety of exercises and balance work makes a big difference in my progress.  They both encourage me to try more weight and provide a variety of exercises to stay motivated.  I find myself moving more easily and with less pain.  I have a greater sense of accomplishment.  I feel they care about my well being as much as my physical wellness.

BioSport Physical Therapy and its staff goes far beyond physical therapy.  I get encouragement from all the staff when I feel low about my limitations at times.  I will recommend BioSport Physical Therapy to anyone that needs physical therapy, and let my doctors know what excellent care I receive.  BioSport Physical Therapy is definitely a step above the rest!