Joyce D.

Nov30th 2020

Absolutely a five star experience every time I go in, which is twice a week. I have had physical therapy in different cities and states, all of which were the same, until now. My PCP referred me to Alex at BioSport because of his diagnostic capabilities. And, boy, was she right. Their customer service is over the top. Everyone calls me by name and knows what I need. They are encouraging, not pushy. I had a physical therapist in another city once who refused to stop when I said he was hurting me. When I returned couple days later badly bruised, he left the room fighting back the tears. Hopefully, he learned something. That will NEVER happen at BioSport. They are, quite simply, the best. I could go on and on, but if you have a condition that requires treatment, ask your physician for a referral. Check with your insurance and see what’s covered. With Medicare and good supplementary coverage, I don’t pay a thing. No insurance? No problem. Talk to BioSport to see what they can do for you. Due to Covid-19, BioSport requires that everyone wear a mask, and closely adheres to all CDC safety requirements including sanitizer stations, equipment sanitized after use, gloves and masks on staff, etc. No issues to date!