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Jill S.

Nov30th 2020

After watching a BioSport video on Facebook about shoulder pain, I knew I needed to call and attend the workshop to see if I could start their physical therapy program to help with my shoulder. The workshop was very informational and after the free evaluation we made a plan that was right for me. What made me happy was I didn’t need a referral from my doctor to get help!

Everyone at BioSports cared about my condition and goals to get better starting with the office staff when you walk through the front door, to the individual therapists I worked with. Everyone at BioSports is friendly, respectful, and truly genuine and supportive. I felt like I had a personal trainers that targeted each area I needed help with. Everyone is very knowledgeable and discussed with me the whys and how’s for each exercise to help. When exercise was over then came the isolation stretching, my favorite massage rub “Stop Pain” and ice before going home. Occasionally I would use the laser treatment which helped immensely!

I recommend BioSport Physical Therapy because they take the time to listen, target the areas that need help, make a plan, and help you achieve your goals. I can do things now that I was unable to do because of severe pain and frozen shoulder. I have had therapy before at another facility that consisted of handing me exercises on a piece of paper…telling me to go home and do these then come back in a month. Well I now know the true meaning of physical therapy after going to BioSports and I will never go anywhere else!