Dave P.

Nov30th 2020

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.I am a 65 yr. old man – in an 80 yr old body.  I walked in, having to use a cane, and at the end of my therapy, walked out without having to use one.  I was forced to retire, for not being able to do my job due to my physical restrictions.  After weeks of therapy, after having the therapists work my body over and over – I’m finally done with therapy.I have not been able to move like this upwards to 15 years, I kid you not.  Special thanks go to everyone at Biosport Physical Therapy – especially Alex and therapist, Brittany.  She worked on me x2 a week for over 3 months – and plays a huge part in my ability to “move” and feel human again! I highly recommend this place to anyone (such as myself) who is in pain and needs a new lease on life. Thank you everyone! Keep up the good work – and stay safe and healthy!