Mary G.

lumbar therapy modesto ca

This is my second time here at BioSport for my lower back. The first time was before my spinal fusion L3, L4. I was barely able to walk. After each visit I felt extreme relief until I got into the Car. Leo helped me get an MRI so I was able to have the surgery I needed quicker.

After surgery I am back now. It was a struggle at first but 3 ½ months later I am almost pain free and when I’m not, BioSport will help me out with recommended exercises and stretches to help me do at home. I would highly recommend BioSport Physical Therapy. Everyone makes you feel like family. They listen to you, they ask questions, and they are there to help each individual with their specific needs. Thank you BioSport for helping me get my life back.

P.S.      I just wanted to add, not only is BioSport a physical therapy place, they are mental therapist as well. When you are in pain for an extended amount of time your mental state gets very low as you pain lessens your self-esteem does too.


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