Kathleen S.

physical therapy modesto ca

BEFORE- Pain all the time in lower back and left leg (front, back, side) could not lean over at all. If I did lean over, I couldn’t come up without using my hands and walking them up a chair. Etc… I couldn’t find a position to be comfortable. Couldn’t walk or take normal side steps. To walk, I had to sway back and forth and had a limp. I had no power in my legs or lower back.

NOW- None of the above is true. I can pick things up off from the floor and stand back up. I still have a slight limp but its habit now. The only time I am in pain is now and then if I turn my foot outward and put my weight on it but the pain passes as quickly as it comes. I can lift heavy objects now. I can climb ladders now. I can go up a few steps and before I couldn’t go up any steps. Before I used a cane at home and really thought I need a wheel chair soon. Now, NOT AT ALL! I have my life back to enjoy lots of activities.

I love the staff and my PT Jason. They helped me at my lowest to become a person that will enjoy my 60’s


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