Our Team

Strat Stavrianoudakis, Physical Therapy Technician

Strat had attended Modesto Junior College for 3 years before deciding to sign up with the Air Force. During his 4 years of service, he attended Security Forces (Tech Schooling) offered in the military. The military leadership, structure and training helped establish a good foundation for a career at a physical therapy clinic. Strat also worked for BioSport a few years prior to his time in the military, opening his eyes to a possible career in this field. He enjoys working one-to-one with patients, making sure they receive a good workout during his time with them. His goal in life is to obtain his Physical Therapy Assistant license in order to help BioSport grow and expand. Strat enjoys being outdoors, exercising and spending quality time with the family. A way to win over his heart is to watch football with him, make food for him or simply have a conversation about virtually anything!