Our Team

Georgina Orozco, Physical Therapy Technician

Georgina Orozco is currently attending Stanislaus State University where she is working on completing her Bachelors of science in Exercise Science and a minor in Psychology. Georgina is part of the Tri-Alpha Honor Society as well as being a part of the Stanislaus State Honors Program. As a member of the Ronald E. Mcnair Program she is conducting research as an undergraduate along with a faculty member. Her current research entails a fine motor skill attentional focus study. She is also interested in research topics including bone degenerative chronic conditions.

Georgina was inspired to become a physical therapist due to the traumatic injury that her mother experienced when Georgina was four years old. The injury had an atrocious impact on her mother’s vertebral column alongside other injuries. Georgina’s mother is her hero and she is amazed everyday at how hardworking she is despite her physical limitations. Georgina saw the pain and suffering that the injury had on her mother and for that reason decided to pursue a career in physical therapy. Georgina is grateful for her current position as a physical therapist technician because it allows her to expand her pool of knowledge. Georgina enjoys working alongside goal driven people with fascinating personalities. She is very empathetic and appreciates the uniqueness of every patient.

Georgina enjoys working out and uses it as a way to release stress. Georgina is very competitive and is always willing to try new things. She enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and her three bull terriers. Georgina enjoys traveling and has had the opportunity to visit Mexico, Spain, England and Morocco. Georgina also enjoys listening to calming music and having deep thoughtful conversations.