Irene Caballero

Irene Caballero, Account Coordinator Manager

‚ÄčIrene has been with BioSport Physical Therapy since 2014 and is an expert in her area specializing in patient needs and billing. She executes crucial tasks here at BioSport. She has evolved with the demands of a growing business and has seen many promotions. She initially came on board as a physical therapy biller and with her strong work ethic and loyalty; she has inherited the title of Account Coordinator Manager. She has developed extensive knowledge in medical billing and will gladly assist you in this area. She also handles staff scheduling, making her a vital part of our team.

Irene has worked since 2002 in the medical profession. Being fluent in Spanish, she is able to assist patients in translation to ensure all aspects of their care are addressed. Irene also is the primary liaison with our medical supply companies providing durable medical equipment for our patients.


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